Francis Silveria has over 24 years experience in Home Maintenance and has a HVAC Wichita city license for 20 years. He has installed hundreds of HVAC units, experience in electrical but Francis' expertise extends to smaller home systems as well, logging more than 1000 hot water heater and kitchen appliance installations and repairs. What's more, Francis has experience in a wide range of household repairs, covering everything from the simple to the complex.

He has also completed his residential inspections training at ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) affiliated school and is a full member of ASHI.

Little Spaces = Big Quality Inspection

Francis has one critical advantage over most other home inspectors. His small physical stature permits him access to tight places where few adults can fit. He can slither through narrow crawl spaces and squeeze through undersized openings to spot hidden clues about a home's true condition. Francis can gather a wealth of photo evidence from these hideaways to document findings of importance to the client.

Additional Experience

Francis owns, manages and maintains residential and commercial rental properties for over 20 years. He has hands-on experience in maintaining these properties himself.

Prior to starting QHI, Francis worked as a maintenance supervisor for 260 plus apartment units that involved repairing HVAC, plumbing, electrical and all other apartment maintenance and repairs. He also maintained and managed 3 swimming pools over the years.